A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

ChairIt was the first big purchase that we made.  I was nearing the end of my first trimester, and it finally felt safe to breathe a bit of a sigh of relief and believe that this whole baby thing was actually, finally, going to happen for us.   This was a heavily loaded purchase.  The significance of which was impossible for me to explain to anyone at the time.

During the years of TTCing…the many months of IF treatments…my mind often wandered to thoughts of our Someday Baby’s someday nursery.  Thoughts of snuggling my sweet little one, rocking gently back and forth, brought me a sense of comfort that few other things did back then.  And, so, as we stood in Babies R Us, contemplating the many gliders available to us, my heart raced.  It had to be perfect.  It was so much more than just a place for middle of the night feedings.  It was the acceptance of…the belief in…a dream come true.

So, why did I keep going back to that one?  BLUE?!  That long held vision of the perfect nursery most certainly did not contain a blue chair!  Still, though, I couldn’t stop going back to it.  It was vibrant.  It was different.  I loved it.  I eventually allowed myself to have a seat.  It was SO comfortable!  My hesitation gave way to excitement as we grabbed the tag, approached an employee, and announced with excitement that we wanted to order this glider and ottoman.

Just a few days later, we received the call saying that it was in and headed out to pick it up.  The moment it was placed in the room that would eventually become Runt’s bedroom, my heart soared.  I rubbed my belly as my eyes filled with tears.  A dream come true.

A few months later, my belly now protruding, I kicked my feet up on the ottoman as the glider became the perfect prop for some of my maternity portraits.  And just a few weeks after that, while the rest of the house slept, I snuggled my sweet little man, rocking gently back and forth, during the first of many middle of the night feedings.

A dream come true.

Chair 2

Shortly after Runt’s first birthday, the chair was moved out of his bedroom.  The middle of the night feedings had ended, and we needed the space for some other new additions to his room.  Now, it resides in our living room.  And it is the place where I sit every day.  The place where I kick my feet up and watch TV with Hubster.  The place where I sit with the laptop perched on the ottoman and check in on my online pals while Runt plays.  The place where, when he lets me, I still snuggle up with my sweet little boy, rocking gently back and forth.  Showering him with kisses, telling him just how much Momma loves him.

It’s a comfortable chair.  One that I would happily call “mine” for no other reason.  But it’s so much more than that.  A reminder of how far we’ve come.  A cherished memory of the many quiet moments shared there between Runt and I.  A symbol of a dream come true.

My dream come true.

Today, I’m linking up to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

The prompt I chose is:
Your chair. We all have ‘our spot’ in the house…show us where you plant yourself and what is it about that spot that makes it your favorite?




13 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. Michelle

    What a great story! It reminded me that when I was pregnant, I bought a recliner chair for my husband, for Father’s Day I said…..truth was when I sat my 7 months pregnant self in it, I fell in love. It was the most comfortable place to nurse I ever had. And my husband didn’t mind at all!

  2. Stasha

    House is only as comfortable as your chair! Just think, one day Runt’s children will be nursed in that chair! It looks like a family heirloom in the making.

    1. Aramelle Post author

      Stasha, you managed to make me all blubbery with that thought! I hadn’t considered that idea before, but it is definitely one that makes my heart smile.

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