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{Project Wheelerize} May I Have This Wall Arrangement?

Remember a few weeks back when I showed you all my twist on the first-dance-song-lyrics-turned-wall-art that is all the rage on Pinterest?

Remember when I showed you a couple weeks after that what happened when I finally completed a project I’d been procrastinating planning for more than 5 years and cut up my wedding dress?

Well, it finally dawned on me that I never showed you what I actually did with those projects once I had them done.  Which means I haven’t shown you why I love my favorite chair even more these days.


I mean, how could I NOT be totally in love with a perch that lets me take proud little glances of this throughout my day?


I blame it on owe it all to Pinterest.  Before I found my newest obsession joined the site, I had this random idea in my head about wanting to frame that back piece of my dress.  But that was where it began and ended.  When I first started seeing the various twists on song lyrics wall art pop up, I was intrigued.  And suddenly, it hit me.


Some of my favorite photos from our wedding are of our first dance; there is just something so magical about that moment when time stops and the only thing that matters is the man whose arms you’re in, twirling around the floor to a song that seems to have been written with the two of you in mind.     DSC_8331

And, with that, that five year old some day project was all I could think of.  Now that I had a plan for exactly what I wanted to do, I couldn’t get started soon enough.  I was flat out giddy over how the boards with the song lyrics and quote turned out.  I gushed incessantly over how much I adored  my framed dress.  And when I added some photos from our first dance and hung it all on the wall, I literally jumped up and down with glee over just how much I loved the finished project.


It’s been a few weeks now since my afternoon with the hammer, and I can’t stop obsessing over it.  I adore that this tiny little vision that I had lurking in the back of my mind for all of these years has come together to this wonderful display.


Total Cost:
$15.00 – Framed Wedding Dress
$11.55 – Song Lyric & Quote Boards
$19.95 – 11×14 Canvas Photo (purchased a deal through Plum District)
$2.00 – 2 4×6 Frames
$0.00 – 2 4×6 Prints (Printed at home)


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