{Awesome Yumminess} Grilled Corn

{Awesome Yumminess} Grilled Corn


I’ve been feeling a little homesick lately.  The cause of my yearning for that cozy little Minnesota town?  Well, there are a few of them, really.  Some of them more complex than I can even begin to put words to right now.  Others?  Well, they’re far more simple.  They’re buried deep in the soil of the fields and gardens that abound in Minnesota.

You see, my Facebook News Feed is currently filled with a seemingly endless assortment of photos of fresh produce being plucked and picked, jams and sauces being jarred, delicious treats being baked, and savory meals prepared.  And with each photo, I feel a little tinge of sadness.  I wistfully look at the produce in my fridge and wish for the yumminess of “home.”

Someday, I hope to finally get a small piece of backyard devoted to a garden.  In the meantime, I’ll think back fondly to the fresh fruit and veggies of days gone by.  And I’ll continue to get a little giddy when I manage to find some really wonderful and delicious produce while doing our shopping.  And why the once taken-for-granted deliciousness that is sweet corn on the cob has become the definition of a successful Summer meal around here.

There’s only one way that corn on the cob is prepared in this household.  Grilled.  Frankly, there’s just no point in making it any other way, if you ask me.  If you’re throwing your corn into a pot of water and calling it “good,” you’re really doing yourself a disservice.  By grilling the corn, you hold in all of the sweetness that makes corn so delectable to begin with.  Add to that just a hint of smokiness brought on by the grill, and you will finally experience sweet corn the way that I believe it was meant to be.

I was a little surprised when I first moved to Reno to learn that most who I talked to declared that they didn’t like grilled corn.  Then I learned more about how it was typically done here, and I understood why.  I don’t want to eat charred, black corn either.  But, if you do it right, that’s not what you will end up with.


There’s one simple, but important, little tip to preparing perfect corn on the grill.  And because I’m awesome, I’ve decided to share it with you.  You’re welcome.

Soak it in water for at least two hours.  Don’t do anything to the corn first!  No peeling, no pull back the husks to remove the silks, nothing.  Just throw it in the sink to hang out for a bit.


Then, grill the corn on medium heat for about 45 minutes.


Now, grab a couple of oven mitts to protect your hands and remove the husks and silks.  You’ll be amazed at how easily the silks pull off.


Slather that baby in butter, sprinkle on a little bit of salt, and dig in.



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7 thoughts on “{Awesome Yumminess} Grilled Corn

    1. Aramelle Post author

      LOL…glad I didn’t cause you any cravings. We’ve only had it once so far this year (it’s SO HARD to find really good corn here in Reno), and I’ve been hankering for it again ever since.

      I agree about boiled corn just not being worth it. The flavor is just so bland compared to grilling.

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