{Project Wheelerize} DIY Dry Erase Family Calendar

{Project Wheelerize} DIY Dry Erase Family Calendar

Today, the awesome Michelle from the equally awesome Heartfelt Balance | Handmade Life is featuring me on her blog for her weekly Handmade Crafter post.  I know I’ve been absent for a bit (don’t worry…I’ll spare you the reasons excuses for being MIA) , but this seemed like the perfect time to jump back into posting.

Of course, it would only make sense to share a little peak at some semi-recent craftiness.

I’ve been feeling restless lately.  Antsy over all of the kind-of done and thought-about-but-never-started projects that surround me everywhere I look in my house.  Last week, after accepting a new job offer (one of those previously mentioned excuses for being away), I took a look around my house and realized: I have two weeks before I am going to have what will like amount to zero time to get any of this stuff done.  That same day, my mother-in-law delivered to us the dining room furniture that she was passing down to us.  Including the gorgeous buffet that I’ve swooned over every.single.time I’ve stepped foot in her house.  And just like that, it was like the perfect storm of motivation hit me.

With furniture that I love now placed in the rooms, my kitchen and dining room are screaming for me to finish them.  Pick up a hammer.  Hang a picture.  FINISH ALL THOSE SNAZZY PROJECTS.  And so I have.  Or I’ve started to, anyway…

One of the first things that I really fell in love with when I first joined Pinterest last year was the vast assortment of homemade calendars that people were posting.  Project after project just blew me away with the awesomeness that one could do with a simple piece of glass, a frame, and some dry erase markers.  I knew that I had to make my own.  Eventually.

Finally, I managed to pull my brain together enough to come up with a bit of a plan for where I wanted to put the calendar, and then a vision of the project itself started to form in my mind.

And now that I have that gorgeous buffet, the vision has started to come to life.
But we’ll get to that part.  Eventually.

Right now, I want to show you my answer to those awesome calendars that I’ve been coveting for well over a year…

OWW Blog 2 AAW_3667

I started with a bit of bonding time with Paint Shop Pro, designing the overall look for the calendar.  After a quick trip to Costco to pick up my print, I gathered all of my tools and got to work.

OWW Blog AAW_3655

My circle puncher and I spent a bit of time getting cozy together.

OWW Blog AAW_3659

Then, it was time to start placing all of the circles on my print.  I used foam adhesive to add an extra dimension (and, hopefully, a little extra interest).

OWW Blog AAW_3662

OWW Blog AAW_3663

It took about a half hour from the moment I started punching circles to the time I was able to stand back and admire my work.

OWW Blog AAW_3665

After the calendar was framed, I was so happy with how it turned out that I quickly got to work on a couple coordinating items.

OWW Blog AAW_3679

OWW Blog AAW_3681

I super loved this project from the  moment that it was finished.  So much so that I often would go just stare at it, sitting in the corner of the guest room, where it waited for me to get my act together in the kitchen.  And now that it’s making its way to the wall?  I love it even more!  And I’m counting on it helping me to keep some level of organization in this crazy, hectic life, as we prepare for things to get even more hectic.

Want to make your own?
What’s Happening Calendar | What’s Cooking Menu | Shopping List | Messages


Now it’s your turn to share.
What items have most inspired you on Pinterest?

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