Life has been busy.  Chaotic. 

For the past seven months, we’ve been stumbling our way through finding our footing in this new everyday life we now live.  Evenings are a flurry of activity, a desperate attempt to accomplish a day’s worth of living within a couple meager hours of time.  Weekends a tug-of-war between the demands of an ever-growing to-do list and the need for a few blissful moments of down time.

Finally.  That’s all starting to change.



Life seems to be finding it’s way to a new sense of normal.  One that feels far more relaxed than the past many months have. 

Even my to-do list is benefiting.  A couple weeks ago, I actually managed to obtain a nearly-spotless living room AND have in my house clean.  It lasted all of 47 minutes.  And it may very well take another six-months before it happens again. 

But just the fact that it did happen…even once…allows me to feel comfortable finally breathing the relaxing sigh of relief that I’ve been craving for quite some time. 

Allows me to even contemplate getting back to some of the other things that life has been missing for the past many months. 

Like writing…blogging. 
Oh how I’ve missed my little corner of the internet. 
So I’m back. 

Did you miss me?


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2 thoughts on “Finally.

    1. Aramelle Post author

      And you’ve been doing it all while growing another cutie-patootie munchkin. I’m sure that has made things especially busy and chaotic at times! I hope things are settling down for you, too. I’m sure it would be nice to have a little touch of calm before the storm of the new baby!

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