8 Months, 8 Pictures: This is Our Life

8 Months, 8 Pictures: This is Our Life

Okay, so it’s a few more than 8 pictures.  But 91 pictures just didn’t really flow as well.  And I feared it might somehow sound a little excessive.  Either way, here is a bit of a tour through the life that we’ve been enwrapped in for the past many months while I’ve been MIA from the blog…

We spent a fair amount of time just hanging out, trying to relax a bit while squeezing as much family time as possible into always too-short weekends.


We went swimming.  A lot.  We’re a family of water babies, so swimming is a great way for us to reconnect, play, and de-stress all at once.


There were a handful of attempts at taking some semi-decent family pictures, with varying degrees of success. And a couple other photo sessions focusing just on Runt, with slightly higher success rates.

Family Pics

There was much cause for celebration.  Like…



Birthdays for all of us, including Runt’s THIRD!


And Christmas.


The Monday after his birthday, my little man started pre-school


With all that fun and excitement, we still managed to fit in a couple of weekend getaways to Lake Tahoe, the first of which was Runt’s first time staying at a hotel. 


Along the way, there was also..

Thanksgiving Day, which was spent at the ER after Runt fell off a chair and bit through his bottom lip.  It took several hours, a few very scary minutes during which he was put under, and four stitches to fix him up.  We learned to be appreciative of our “24-hour town,” which left us with a handful of decent options for dinner since our homemade Thanksgiving had to be postponed.

A make-up Thanksgiving the day after that included the best.damn.turkey I’ve ever eaten… made by ME…and a wildly successful first attempt at the dressing Hubster’s family has been eating by the bowlfuls for several generations.  There were also smashing successes of ham dinner both at Christmas and Easter.

Our introduction to Five Guys.  And a subsequent obsession that has left Hubster stalking the building of the one that’s supposed to be opening in town in hopes that he’ll be able to get his fix a little closer to home.


An excited buzz has filled our home as we’ve talked more and more about our little family’s future.  Plans are being put into motion, and I’m excited to see how it will all pan out over the next many months. 

Life has been a nearly constant blur of busy.  There have been some rough downs along the way.  But we’ve been happy, having a wonderful time sharing this crazy adventure of life with one another.  I’m glad, though, to be finding some time now to come back to my little corner and share bits and pieces of that life here, too.

In other news, I made my first contribution to Reno Moms Blog this past week with a post about the Summer Food Service Program.  Head on over to check it out and get a little glimpse into what I’m doing in my worker-bee life these days. 

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