Promise {Five Minute Friday: Last}

Promise {Five Minute Friday: Last}

Take care of yourself.
Learn how to be happy.
And make Grandma proud.  Promise?

I shrugged my way out of her hug, flippantly telling her to stop being so silly. 

I didn’t know it would be our last good bye. 
I didn’t know it would be my last chance to make one last promise.

Three weeks later. 
Clutching tightly to her hand. 
Leaning close to breathe in her scent one final time. 

A piece of me was frozen in time that day. 
Left forever in that moment.

An 18 year old kid, desperately trying to figure out how to say good bye to the only one who’d ever always been there. 

“I promise,” I whispered, wondering if she could hear me.

For 15 years, I’ve carried that promise with me. 
Everyday, I’ve thought of her. 
Everyday, I’ve wondered if I was doing it right. 

And when that date rolls around on the calendar and time seems to stand still and I can’t seem to catch my breath through the constant battle against my tears, I close my eyes, remember her scent, and find peace in her last promise to me.

Remember.  I’ll always be there, no matter what. 

The words drifted behind me as I walked out the door that day.
On my way to my grown up life.

They echo now in my head. 
Seemingly fill the room in moments when I need her most.

I can feel you, Grandma.
I promise.

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3 thoughts on “Promise {Five Minute Friday: Last}

  1. Nancy

    It looked like my post would be next in line after yours….and I was hoping so because of your last name. Then another post popped up between ours, but I decided to come over here anyway and I’m glad I did! This is such a touching post. My grandmother’s maiden name was Wheeler and sadly I never knew her. My great aunt, who was also a Wheeler, was as good as a grandma to me. Like you, I miss her all the time.
    Blogging awesomeness from Nancy: Five Minute FridayMy Profile

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