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Hi there!  My name is Aramelle, and (like that little banner up there ^^^ says) I’m a 30-something wife and momma.  I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband, our sweet and rambunctious little boy, and two annoying but loveable cats.

I’m a mid-western girl at heart, who grew up in small-town Minnesota.  In 2004, I followed my heart to the Wild, Wild West all for a boy who I met on the internet.  A decade later, that guy and I are happily married and settled into a little house in northern Nevadan suburbia, raising a spunky little boy.

I spend way too much time online and not enough time cleaning my house.  You’re certain to find plenty of examples of the latter while perusing my photos here.  I usually give strong consideration to waiting to take pictures of my recipes and such until after I have taken the time to clean up the kitchen and find my counter.  But the fact is that if I waited for that to happen, I would just end up posting a whole lot less photos.  And that would just be plain boring.  So, do us all a favor and pretend not to notice the mess, okay?  Okay.  Good.  (I’m so glad we got that out of the way.)

Hubster is frequently telling me that I tend to live in my own little world and inviting me to join him in some far off place that he likes to call “Reality.”  Rather than listen to this suggestion, I chose to give him a bit of a “neener, neener” attitude.  So, I started a blog and officially made this world of mine a real place.  Yep, that’s right.  Take that, Mr. Wheeler!

This blog is my little place for sharing all things “life.”  It’s the journey of a woman who is working to find peace with a painful past.  It’s the trials and tribulations of a wife and mother who is trying to master this thing my friends call balance.  It’s the hobbies I love.  The simple things in life that make me smile and laugh.  It’s my world…all wrapped up in this little package called a blog.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you’ll make yourself comfy and stay awhile.


About Me - James

Hubster (aka James or Mr. Wheeler):  The man I love so much that I moved 1,759 miles to be with him, happily exclaimed “Yes!” when he asked me to marry him, and then did exactly that (twice!).  He’s the one who made me believe in things like fate and destiny and cheesy clichés about love, soul mates, and the feeling of being complete.

We met online in 2004, and I moved to Reno later that same year.  In 2006, I made him the happiest man in the world (my little world, anyway) by slipping a ring on his finger and saying “I Do” in a small but emotional ceremony held in a tiny little chapel in Boise, ID.  In 2007, he made me the happiest woman in the world by making me a bride all over again when we celebrated our marriage with our family and friends in a slightly bigger (and even more emotional) renewal ceremony along the edge of a beautiful little lake in Boise.

He is my biggest cheerleader.  The person who not only believes in me but makes me believe in myself, no matter what it is that I’m pursuing.  He taught me what it is to be loved, and to love, unconditionally.  He is extremely sarcastic, and he keeps me laughing on a daily basis.  Best of all, he “gets” my sense of humor.  So, I get to make him laugh lots, too.

He is, simply, an awesomely fantastic husband, and I am blessed to call him mine.  There is certain to be plenty of examples of said awesomeness on a fairly regular basis around here.

About Me - Zachary


Runt (aka Zachary or Little Wheeler): The little boy that I loved more than life itself before he was even conceived.  He’s the one who brought even more cheesy clichés to reality and who taught me how rewarding the smallest things in life can be.

He makes me smile on even the hardest of days, and he makes everyday life exponentially more amazing than I ever could have imagined it would be.

He, too, is pretty awesomely fantastic.  And I am incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to play the role of Momma in his life.  There will absolutely be a myriad of examples of his awesomeness on a very regular basis here.


About Me - Cats


The Furry Wheelers (aka Reggie – “The Big One” & Trina – “Micro-Reggie”: The two cats that I love, despite the fact that they drive me batty most of the time.  Except for the days when I swear I can’t stand them because they drive me batty most of the time.  But, really, I do love them.  I just don’t always know it at any given moment.






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