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Blogger Aramelle WheelerHi there!  I’m Aramelle – a midwestern girl at heart, hailing from small-town Minnesota.  In 2004, I followed my heart to the Wild, Wild West for a boy who I met on the internet.  A decade later, I’ve finally stopped claiming to be “new to the area,” and have come to truly love the city that I now call home.  I married that boy from the Internet, and together we’ve settled into a little house in northern Nevadan suburbia, raising a spunky little boy -our miracle baby after a two year infertility fight- and sharing our place with two annoying but lovable cats.

I work for a local non-profit and often find myself in awe of how incredibly blessed I am to do what I do for a living.  I’m one of those ridiculously lucky fools who gets paid to do something that I have such an immense passion for that I can feel it coursing through my veins every.single.day.  I love cooking-almost as much as I love a good excuse not to cook, watch too much reality TV, and spend far too much time online.

This blog is my online notebook -a place for sharing the stories of the life that’s unfolding around me.  It’s the journey of a woman who is working to find peace with a painful past.  It’s the trials and tribulations of a wife and momma who is trying to master this thing I’ve heard called “balance.”  It’s the hobbies I love.  The simple things in life that make me smile and laugh.

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 Note: All photos on this page © Vanessa Simpson at Focus in Photography.


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